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      Welcome to chuanghui plastic co. LTD…
      Consulting Hotline:
      Company profile
      Sichuan chuan hui plastic co., LTD. Is a professional company specializing in the production, development and sales of plastic pipe fittings, ductile iron pipes and plastic inspection Wells. The production products have PVC supply and drainage pipes and fittings; Electrical installation with flame retardant PVC plastic flat tubes (electrical casing and fittings); The cold and hot water polypropylene (PP - R) pipes and fittings; Water supply polyethylene (PE) pipe, pipe fittings; Pipe material and fittings for gas buried polyethylene (PE); High density polyethylene (HDPE) double wall winding tube and pipe fittings; Embedded drainage steel belt reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral bellows; PE-RT heat-resistant polyethylene surface heating pipe and pipe fittings; Ductile iron pipe, etc. The products are widely used in construction, highway, water conservancy, agricultural drainage irrigation, urban water supply, drainage, sewage treatment, modern gardening and other fields.Chuan hui brand plastic pipe fittings series products through quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification; It has been awarded the honorary title of "sichuan famous brand products", "sichuan province and chengdu city famous brand", and has been awarded the title of "national inspection exemption product". 

        "Chuan hui people adhere to the" for the company since its inception in deepening the management and development in technology reform, is now held in sichuan, shanxi, sichuan, guizhou, sichuan remit sichuan remit remit pipe and "big plastic well production base, a registered capital of 101.9 million, sichuan sichuan remit alone has the international advanced level of fully automatic CNC extrusion, injection molding machine and other specialized production equipment more than 150 sets, the annual production capacity of 130000 tons, to further meet the market demand and better service to the society.
        The company will continue to implement "to survive on quality; Compete with brands; Develop with credibility; To manage the benefit; To environmental protection, security and harmony "as the enterprise policy, research and development and manufacture first-class products, provide first-class services, for China's modernization of agriculture, water conservancy, electric power, transportation, communications, petroleum, chemical industry, urban construction, make great contributions to environmental protection and other industries to develop China's new materials industry, adhere to the" people-oriented, confirm their value; Scientific and technological innovation, the creation of outstanding quality of business philosophy, constantly increase the investment in science and technology and talents, so that our industry will move forward to a higher level.

        We dance to the stage, adhering to the corporate mission of "taking the pulse of the city and building a new life in the pipeline". The future is guided by wisdom, technology, development and future. 
      Sichuan chuan hui plastic co. LTD
      Telephone:028-82392111 Facsimile:136-7902-0830 
      Web site :www.rahasia-pria.com Email: chzjb666@163.com Address:No.588, north section, hongye avenue, chongzhou industrial park