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        ? ? ?Welcome to the Shuo De De Technology website! Together to share the joy of business success and development.

        ? ? ? As a leading company?in antennas for wireless communications in China, SPEED Technology is committed to building itself

        into the most trusted and satisfactory service provider of terminal antenna solutions for wireless communications and the

        first-class?supplier for?intelligent terminal components?in the world. SPEED Technology has established?long-term?and?stable

        cooperative relations with famous domestic and foreign enterprises to boost?development and service changes?with innovative

        technologies?and new products.

        ? ? ? Confidence enables us?to be more confident?in the?environment featured by coexistence of competition and development,

        opportunities and challenges. Besides, making efforts lets us?work in a down-to-earth?attitude?and in unswerving pursuit.

        Therefore, SPEED Technology has experienced an extraordinary leapfrog development?process from small to large and from

        weak to strong. On behalf of the Company, I would like to express my most sincere thanks to all levels of government, leaders? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???SPEED Technology Group

        and partners who support the development of the company for years, as well as all my colleagues for their dedication to their? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Chairman Zhu Kunhua

        work and conscientious attitude.?

        ? ? ? Starting a business is tough while maintaining what has been achieved is not easy. Facing the keen and fierce market? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

        competition, we have always been regarding innovation as an inexhaustible motive for enterprise development. By upholding the core values of "people-orientation, sincerity and responsibility, pursuit of win-win results and contribution?to the society" and continuing to?accelerate strategic integration?to provide all-dimensional services for our customers with excellent operational ability, vertical integration capability, quick response capacity and leading R&D capabilities, we are building ourselves into an outstanding enterprise group with?core competitiveness, industrial?influence?and?good economic returns.?SPEED Technology will?constantly reward the shareholders, repay its customers and benefit the society!

        ? ? ? ?SPEED Technology has created a brilliant past and is building a more splendid tomorrow. I sincerely hope that we can work together with friends?from all walks of life for mutual benefit, win-win results and common progress based on a new starting point, and realize the great ambitions?and embrace the brilliant future for all of us?in the new leap and rise!?