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        Antenna manufacturing

        Having the machine-shaping capability of various kinds of materials such as plastics, magnesium-aluminum alloy and stainless steels


        Sticking to the path of fine quality manufacturing!

        Adhering to the direction of vertical integration!

        Striving to provide customers with all-dimensional and most optimized solutions!

        Die design, manufacturing and injection molding

        A whole process one-package service capability from the premilinary evaluation, simulation analysis 3D-Modex to die design UG, Proe and die manufacturing and injection molding

        Metal processing

        Having processing and molding capabilities for plastic, magnesium alloy, stainless steel and other types of materials

        Surface treatment technique

        Having a wealth of surface treatment techniques and production experience; having the ability to meet the needs of different colors and processing effects from customers


        Packaging and modules

        Assembly / Testing