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        position education work experience salary release time
        Hardware Mold Design Engineer Vocational school 3-5 year Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Hardware mold production experience, capable of using CAD and other drawing tools. Favorable of independent design of separate hardware shrapnel mold. Face to face interview for salaries.??

        1. Education: Technical secondary school graduate or above, a rather comprehensive knowledge of mold and products, familiar with the knowledge in mold design and production process.

        2. Experience: more than 3 years experience of?precision hardware shrapnel mold design, on-site production mold experience is preferred.? ?

        3. skills: skilled use of CAD, SOLIDWORK, Pro/e and other drawing softwares, familiar with OFFICE softwares

        4. Capacity: good communication skills, good understanding, good team spirit, good at finding problems and summarizing problems.??

        5. personality traits: be meticulous, rigorous, helpful and caring for others

        Domestic salesman College 3-5 year Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Salary treatment:Negotiable

        Job description:

        1. Responsible for the task of domestic product marketing;

        2. To maintain the existing customer relationships, develop new customers, expand the scope of product sales and accomplish sales targets;

        3. To grasp the market trends, quickly identify the thythm of products on the market and interested customers and take the initiative to forward the products to customers;

        4. To be familiar with the product specification, features, and selling points, control product quotation, and conduct product promotion operation, order negotiations and follow-up activities.

        Job Requirements:

        1. College degree or above, more than three years of relevant experience, marketing and other related majors;

        2. Have a certain degree of market analysis and judgment capability, good customer service awareness;

        3. Be responsible and able to withstand no small work pressure;

        4. Be outgoing, quick responsive, strong expression ability, good communication skills and capacity?with?affinity.

        Working location: Huizhou?Department:Wireless Charging Division

        RF engineer Bachelor 3-5 year Unlimited 2019-03-14


        Job description:?Antenna RF communication research and development; program evaluation, design, debugging and performance optimization.

        Job Requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, electromagnetic field and microwave, communications, electronic information engineering and other related majors;

        2. More than 3 years experience in research and development work of mobile phone antennas, with solid theoretical foundation;?

        3. Proficient in using network analyzer, general-purpose tester and other equipment;

        4. Able to?use HFSS, CST and other simulation softwares to conduct antenna design;?

        5. Experience?of antenna debugging (international customers) is preferred;

        6. Able to?work overtime to for project debugging if the project progress requires;

        7. Strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills.

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:R & D Center

        Chemical plating assistant engineer Bachelor Unlimited Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Requirements:Bachelor degree, CET-4 and above, strong sense of responsibility, careful and meticulous working attitude

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:Second Manufacturing Department

        IE assistant engineer Bachelor Unlimited Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Requirements:Bachelor degree, CET-4 or above, good communication and coordination ability, analytical ability, learning ability, strong sense of responsibility.

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:Production Technical Department

        Assistant Quality Engineer Bachelor Unlimited Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Requirements:Bachelor degree, CET-4 and above, strong sense of responsibility, careful working attitude.

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:Quality Management Department

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