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        Campus Recruiting


        ? ? ?As a fresh university graduate, from the date of joining SPEED Technology, you will be listed in the talent cultivation echelon of the enterprise core "Elite Program". You will gradually grow into an elite in the SPEED Technology after your graduation from school and give free play to your talents on the arena provided by SPEED.

        ? ? ?Depending on your interests and abilities, the company will have a plan to guide you to choose the most suitable career growth and promotion path: You can choose to realize your growth value from the professional technical channel or choose to achieve your personal career ambitions through the management channel.

        ? ? ?For newly graduated students from colleges, we will conduct a series of systematic training courses that will enable you to integrate quickly into the SPEED corporate culture and become a professional, including team integration projects, professional ABC and corporate culture courses, and a personality cultivation course that lasts for at least a month, including military training, factory internships, professional courses and production line practice, and you are equipped with a one-to-one growth mentor.







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        Recruitment Process



        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Resume to receive address:hrspeed@speed-hz.com


        ? ? ? Phone:0752-2836208

        position education work experience salary release time
        Hardware Mold Design Engineer Vocational school 3-5 year Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Hardware mold production experience, capable of using CAD and other drawing tools. Favorable of independent design of separate hardware shrapnel mold. Face to face interview for salaries.??

        1. Education: Technical secondary school graduate or above, a rather comprehensive knowledge of mold and products, familiar with the knowledge in mold design and production process.

        2. Experience: more than 3 years experience of?precision hardware shrapnel mold design, on-site production mold experience is preferred.? ?

        3. skills: skilled use of CAD, SOLIDWORK, Pro/e and other drawing softwares, familiar with OFFICE softwares

        4. Capacity: good communication skills, good understanding, good team spirit, good at finding problems and summarizing problems.??

        5. personality traits: be meticulous, rigorous, helpful and caring for others

        Domestic salesman College 3-5 year Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Salary treatment:Negotiable

        Job description:

        1. Responsible for the task of domestic product marketing;

        2. To maintain the existing customer relationships, develop new customers, expand the scope of product sales and accomplish sales targets;

        3. To grasp the market trends, quickly identify the thythm of products on the market and interested customers and take the initiative to forward the products to customers;

        4. To be familiar with the product specification, features, and selling points, control product quotation, and conduct product promotion operation, order negotiations and follow-up activities.

        Job Requirements:

        1. College degree or above, more than three years of relevant experience, marketing and other related majors;

        2. Have a certain degree of market analysis and judgment capability, good customer service awareness;

        3. Be responsible and able to withstand no small work pressure;

        4. Be outgoing, quick responsive, strong expression ability, good communication skills and capacity?with?affinity.

        Working location: Huizhou?Department:Wireless Charging Division

        RF engineer Bachelor 3-5 year Unlimited 2019-03-14


        Job description:?Antenna RF communication research and development; program evaluation, design, debugging and performance optimization.

        Job Requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, electromagnetic field and microwave, communications, electronic information engineering and other related majors;

        2. More than 3 years experience in research and development work of mobile phone antennas, with solid theoretical foundation;?

        3. Proficient in using network analyzer, general-purpose tester and other equipment;

        4. Able to?use HFSS, CST and other simulation softwares to conduct antenna design;?

        5. Experience?of antenna debugging (international customers) is preferred;

        6. Able to?work overtime to for project debugging if the project progress requires;

        7. Strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills.

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:R & D Center

        Chemical plating assistant engineer Bachelor Unlimited Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Requirements:Bachelor degree, CET-4 and above, strong sense of responsibility, careful and meticulous working attitude

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:Second Manufacturing Department

        IE assistant engineer Bachelor Unlimited Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Requirements:Bachelor degree, CET-4 or above, good communication and coordination ability, analytical ability, learning ability, strong sense of responsibility.

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:Production Technical Department

        Assistant Quality Engineer Bachelor Unlimited Unlimited 2019-03-14

        Requirements:Bachelor degree, CET-4 and above, strong sense of responsibility, careful working attitude.

        Working location: Huizhou / Suzhou?Department:Quality Management Department

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